Temperature is everything when it comes to the long-term health of your engine. While even luxury car engines run hot, there is a point where things reach a boiling point. At O’Brien Genesis of Fort Myers, our Genesis service technicians are here to help you fight excess engine heat and ensure that you enjoy a premium driving experience for thousands of miles to come.

Plenty of our customers ask, “What does heat have to do with the performance of my engine?” It’s a fair question to ask, especially considering that even a brand new engine, fresh off of the factory floor, is going to run relatively hot. Although, like all things, there is a point when too much is simply too much.

Fortunately, your engine’s cooling system is expertly tasked with maintaining the temperature of your engine and ensuring everything stays cool. A cooling system is essentially comprised of a number of components that include piping, the radiator, and coolant, the liquid responsible for keeping temperatures inside the engine relatively low. Should any crucial part of this system break or fall to disrepair, you run the risk of tipping the scales and having an overly hot engine.

That is where we come in. Our service experts will inspect your cooling system from top to bottom so that you can continue to get that incredible heart-pounding performance that Genesis-brand vehicles are known for. From our incredible new vehicle vehicles like the 2020 Genesis G80 to our dedicated luxury car dealers near Cape Coral, there are many reasons why O’Brien Genesis of Fort Myers is one of the best premium dealerships in the Fort Myers area. Visit us today to learn how you can keep your engine cool on the road.