All performance car lovers know that motor oil is the secret ingredient to great vehicle performance. At O’Brien Genesis of Fort Myers, we understand this link better than anyone, which is why we want to give you a brief rundown of how motor oil affects your vehicle’s performance so you can make the most out of your drive.

Motor oil is just one factor that contributes to the great performance of any Genesis vehicle. However, the type of motor oil you use can greatly affect how efficient your vehicle will be on the road. Motor oil is a lubricant specifically designed to help the components in your engine move more efficiently. Instead of rubbing against one another and causing heat, wear, and tear, motor oil reduces friction and protects the various components of your engine.

By not changing out your motor oil every once in a while, you can sabotage the performance of your vehicle. Over time, motor oil starts to accumulate grime and debris, which can, in turn, increase friction and heat in your engine. As a result, your engine will have to work harder and burn more fuel, which can sometimes cause long-term damage. Fortunately, you can avoid any expensive repairs by changing your motor oil every 5,000 miles. By flushing out any friction-causing grime, your engine will allow your vehicle to perform at its best wherever you go.

In need of an oil change? Don’t worry, our Genesis service technicians not only provide professional oil changes, but also help your vehicle perform better than ever. Visit our Genesis dealership near Naples, FL for all of your vehicle performance and auto-related needs. We hope to see you in our showroom soon!