Have you ever experienced a broken turn signal while driving? You try to turn on your blinker when you plan to make a turn, only to have a driver honk at you from behind. What gives?

When it happens again, you realize something is wrong, and that’s when you find out that your turn signals aren’t working. Luckily, our creative writing cpd experts are here to explain why this happens and what you can do about it.

Why Turn Signals Malfunction

Just like the other parts of your http://fieldscdjrblog.com/advantages-of-doing-exercise-essay/, the components inside your turn signals wear down over time. This issue could be as simple as a burnt-out bulb or old fuse.

If replacing those parts doesn’t do the trick, the problem could be related to faulty wires, a bad turn signal switch, or perhaps a broken flasher unit.

Importance of Turn Signals

While you probably use your turn signals without even thinking about it, they play an important role when you’re driving. Because they let other drivers what your intentions are, they are paramount for safety. Plus, if your car is due for its yearly inspection, it won’t pass without working turn signals.

To keep yourself safe on the road, learn these quick hand signals when you discover your turn signals aren’t working:

  • To turn left: Extend left arm straight out of your window, palm facing forward.
  • To turn right: Extend left arm out of your window with your elbow bent upwards, palm facing forward.
  • To stop: Extend left arm out of your window and point it down with your fingers extended, palm facing the car behind you.

Visit Our Genesis Service Center

Whatever is causing your turn signals to malfunction, our service experts at O’Brien Genesis of Fort Myers will figure out the problem and make sure it’s fixed quickly and efficiently. You can also schedule remote service, where we will pick up your car from your home and bring it back when our work is completed.