Right now is the perfect time to shop for a brand new 2019 Genesis vehicle during our Genesis Summer Sales Event here at O’Brien Genesis Fort Myers. We’ve got an excellent inventory of the best new models like the 2019 Genesis G70 and Genesis G80.

Getting a new car is exceptionally fun, especially when you’re getting acquainted with a luxury model like the 2019 Genesis G90. However, nothing ruins getting to know your vehicle more than common road hazards. So, we’re providing a quick refresh on common road hazards and how to handle them.

The most common kind of road hazard comes in the form of bad weather. Poor weather often causes poor road conditions. When roads are wet or obstructed, driving becomes more dangerous, and we have to adjust our driving habits to accommodate. When encountering poor weather, we advise that you slow down but stay with the flow of traffic. Give yourself extra distance between you and the vehicle in front of you in case you have to stop quickly, and make sure your windshield is clean.

Another kind of road hazard is the reckless driver. The last thing you want when enjoying your new car is to deal with a dangerous driver. That’s why we advise that you do your best to slow down and let them pass. Hazards come in various areas like residential neighborhoods. Everything from children playing in the street to cyclists can be a road hazard. When driving in these areas, pay attention to the speed limit and your surroundings. 

Here at your Fort Myers Genesis dealership, we want everyone to get the most out of their vehicle. That’s why you should always pay attention to your surroundings and obey road signs.